Засвоєння англомовної лексики за допомогою інформаційних технологій на уроці англійської мови. Життя в Арктиці

Яріш Ю.Р.
викладач англійської мови

Мета уроку:

  1. показати учням практичне застосування комп'ютера при вивченні англійської мови
  2. активізувати в мові лексику теми
  3. розвивати навички аудіювання на основі почутого тексту
  4. розвивати увагу, мислення, мовленнєві навички, фонетичний слух, правильну вимову в учнів.
  5. Поглиблювати знання учнів про особливості англійської мови.
  6. Визначити переваги вивчення англомовної лексики за допомогою комп’ютера.


План уроку

  1. Організаційна частина
  2. Прослуховування уривку з відео
  3. Активізація лексики теми в мові
  4. Контроль домашнього завдання
  5. Підсумки уроку

Обладнання: відео на тему «Життя в Арктиці».


Procedure of the Lesson

1. Greeting
(The teacher greets all the pupils and they greet each other one by one)
Teacher: Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you!
Pupils: Good morning, teacher! We are glad to see you too!
Teacher: Today we have a very interesting tusk. But first of all I must remember you that nowadays English and computer science as school subjects are very closely linked. Successful operation of a computer depends on a good knowledge of English.
(The Teacher informs the subject)
Teacher: Look at the blackboard, please! The theme of our today’s lesson is “Life in Arctic”. During this lesson you’ll be able to deepen and widen your knowledge of English about the Arctic life with the help of computer. You will work in small groups and then share your researched information with each other. The second part of the lesson will be devoted to a practising new words.
(Teacher offers to the pupils to repeat some names of world parts)
Teacher : Now let’s repeat some geographical names of parts of the worlds.
What is the English for…?

  • Азія
  • Півкуля
  • Європа
  • Північна Америка
  • Південна Америка
  • Арктика
  • Африка
  • Австралія


2. Listening to the video extract. So, as far as you understand, out lesson will be connected with computer programs, especially with films. We’ll speak about types of animals in Arctic, work over some new words, speak about your understanding of this text.
( The teacher offers the pupils to listen to the video on the computer)
Teacher: Now each of you will watch and listen to the video attentively on the computer. During this tusk you need to write down all the names of the Arctic animals.
(Listening to the video takes 25 minutes and then pupils show teacher their works and read their words in turn).

3. A work with new words:
The teacher offers the pupils to practice in new words and phrases after finishing listening to the video.
a) Well, let’s say in English

  • Лисиця
  • Сезонні ліси
  • Білі мавпи
  • Буйвол
  • Орел
  • Бізон
  • Рідкісні комахи

b) Let’s say in Ukrainian

  • the snow-capped mountains
  • a dried grass
  • an avalanches
  • an aurochs
  • a blizzard
  • an Arctic summer
  • a reptile
  • a species
  • a greenhouse effect
  • a sunlight
  • ozone
  • a weapon
  • a forecast


(Teacher offer the pupils to ask the questions which are on the blackboard)
Teacher: Answer the following questions in written form which are on the blackboard.

  1. What is this text about?
  2. Who are the heroes?
  3. What problems are describing in it?
  4. Do you think that computer helped better understanding the video language?

Possible answers:

  1. The text is about the life of living things in Arctic.
  2. The heroes are savage world of this part of the world.
  3. The protection of the nature.
  4. Yes, sometimes.

The children are given two sets of words by the teacher. The task is to find the synonyms.

A demo – a demonstration
a leaflet – a booklet
permission – an agreement
a company – a corporation
the land – the territory
to destroy - to annihilate
a local council – a home committee
a petition – an appeal
a placard – a poster
a banner – a hanging
a pole – a stick


5. Home task Teacher: Our lesson is finishing in few minutes. So, I want you to ask one another about film you have seen practising new words and phrases.
Ex. Did you like this film, didn’t you? – Yes, I did, because I liked ……
Your home task for the next time will be to retell in short text “Arctic life”.

6. Summing-up
Teacher : I want to thank everybody who took an active part in our work. We came to a conclusion that the PC can be a good device that facilitates learning English, including vocabulary, phonetics and allows you to practice in the spoken language.The best of you get the highest marks:… Our work was good and we’ll continue it in our next lessons.


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