Розробка уроку "Прислів’я – дитя досвіду"

Яріш Ю.Р.
викладач англійської мови

Topic: Proverb is a child of experience. Competition “I like English”. Level A-2 pre-intermediate


  • to involve the pupils in the process of English communication;
  • to develop listening, reading and writing skills through various creative activities;
  • to expand pupils’ knowledge about famous English proverbs and sayings;
  • to systematize the material of the lesson on the given topic;
  • to give pupils chance to get to know each other better during competition work.


Equipment: observation table, information and question cards.


Type: lesson-competition.


1. Introduction
Teacher: Good morning, dear pupils! Glad to see you. How are you today? Do you have a good mood?
If you are all right and have an excellent mood, I propose you to have a lesson of competition. Today we’ll sum-up the topic ‘’Famous English proverbs and sayings’’. I’d like you to divide into two teams. Are you ready to start our competition? The motto of our lesson is “I like English proverbs and sayings”.
Motivation: I think you will be successful in this task. You are interested in English. You like to study it. Besides you know that every language without proverbs is nothing. Your knowledge of English is not bad. I’m sure English will help you in your future life. Good luck to you! Enjoy English!

2. Team Presentation
Teacher: Pupils, think of a name of your team, the motto and choose the captains.
Team №1 is called “Ladies”
Motto: We like English proverbs and want to be clever and smart.
Team №2 is called «The best girls”
Motto: All of us have a great desire to know English proverbs well. We’ll reach a success.
Teacher: Now I want to introduce the participants of our competition, the pupils who love and want to know English sayings and proverbs well. So, meet the team which is called “Ladies” and the team “The best girls”.
Also meet our jury who will judge our today’s competition.
Children I wish you good luck and success.

3. Main part of the lesson
Round 1 (for both teams)
Match some English proverbs and sayings with their Ukrainian equivalents.

It’s never too late to learn. В здоровому тілі, здоровий дух.
All roads lead to Rome. Друг пізнається в біді.
East or west – home is best. Ніколи не відкладай на завтра те, що можна зробити сьогодні.
Easy said, easy done. Поспішиш – людей насмішиш.
Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Немає кращого місця ніж дім.
A sound mind in a sound body Гарний початок – гарний кінець.
A good beginning makes a good ending. Не так зроблено, як сказано.
A friend in need is a friend indeed. Всі дороги ведуть в Рим.
Haste makes waste. Без труда нема плода.
No pain – no gain. Ніколи не пізно вчитися.

Teacher: The jury will give you five points for a correct answer. Round 2.
Complete the proverbs.

  1. Honesty is the best … (policy).
  2. Business … (before pleasure).
  3. Better late … (than never).
  4. Art is long … (life is short).
  5. All is well … (that ends well).
  6. Live and … (learn).
  7. An apple a day keeps … (the doctor away).
  8. Health is … (above wealth).
  9. So many countries …. (so many customs).
  10. First think … (than speak).
  11. There is no place … (like home).
  12. Doing is better … (than saying).


Teacher: 15 points for the correct answer.
Round 3
Task 1
Imagine: You are sitting in the café having traditional English tea. You are full of impressions after the excursion around London. Write some words to your friends in Ukraine about well known facts about English proverbs and sayings.
Possible answer (Team “Ladies”)
Dear, Mariya! As far as you know I am in London now. I’m full of impressions. I had acquaintance with one boy George who told me many interested things about proverbs. For example, proverbs are often borrowed from similar languages and cultures, and sometimes come down to the present through more than one language. Both the Bible and medieval Latin have played a considerable role in distributing proverbs across Europe, although almost every culture has examples of its own.
I was impressed by hearing this. It was really exciting! Besides I have some photos with George. You will like them.

See you soon, Mariya.
Round 4
Test ”How do you know famous English sayings and proverbs ?”
Teacher: The teams will answer in turn. You will get one point for each correct answer.
1. First think, then speak.
а) Спочатку подумай, потім говори.
б) відразу думай, і відразу говори.
в) Говори, але обдумуй, що говориш.

2. Strike while the iron is hot.
a) Куй залізо, але не обпешися.
b) Куй залізо, поки гаряче.
c) Обережність потрібна під час кування заліза.

3. The end crowns the work.
a) Кінець слідує за початком.
b) У роботі є кінець.
c) Кінець вінчає справу.

4. Repetition is the mother of learning.
a) Повторюй – і вивчиш.
b) Повторення – мати вчення.
c) Репетиція – важлива в навчанні.

5. Every bird likes its own nest.
a) Всякий птах в’є кубло.
b) Від свого кубла далеко не втечеш.
c) Всякий птах своє кубло любить.

6. Business before pleasure.
a) Зробив діло – гуляй сміло.
b) Бізнес – важлива справа.
c) Будь-яке діло - це задоволення.

7. A Bird in a hand is worth two in a bush.
a) На кущі сидить ворона – це не до добра.
b) Краще синиця в руках, ніж журавель в небі.
c) Синиця в руках – це і журавель в небі.
8. Never say die!
a) Не кажи, що вмреш!
b) Ніколи не вмирай!
c) Не вішай носа!

9. Like father – like son.
a) Який батько – такий і син.
b) Яблуко від яблуні не далеко падає.
c) Батько і син – рідна душа.

10. No smoke without fire.
a) Не буває диму без вогню.
b) Не буває вогню без диму.
d) Дим – результат вогню.

Round 5
Contest for the captains
Teacher: Your task is to say as more proverbs as you can. Answer in turn. You mustn’t repeat the proverbs which have been already mentioned. The winner will be the captains which will give more proverbs.

Round 6
Contest for each team
Teacher: Both teams have 2 minutes to write as many proverbs and sayings as you can which begin on the letter “P ”.. (When the time is over, the captains read their lists. The winner is the team which has more proverbs.)

4. Summing up
1. Courting the scores.
2. Announcing the results.
3. The game was a draw. The teams evened the scores.
4. Giving prizes.
Teacher: I think our lesson was really great and interesting.

Home Assignment
Teacher: For the next lesson you are to repeat the material about English proverbs and sayings. Be ready to answer the questions.





  1. As the days grow longer, the storms are stronger. – Чим далі в ліс, тим більше дров…
  2. To be head over ears in love. – Палко кохати когось…
  3. To be in another’s shoes. – Бути на чиємусь місці, бути в чиїсь шкурі…
  4. To be in someone’s black books. – Потрапити в чорний список, в немилість когось….
  5. To be on both sides of the fence. – Вести подвійну гру; служити і вашим, і нашим…
  6. Blood is thicker than water. – Своя сорочка ближча до тіла
  7. Catch the bear before you sell his skin. – Не кажи гоп ,поки не перескочиш.
  8. Curiosity killed a cat. – Не сунь свого носа до чужого проса
  9. East or West, home is best. – У гостях добре, а вдома краще
  10. Easy come, easy go. – Як прийшло, так і пішло; прийшло махом – пішло прахом
  11. Forced love does not last. – Силою не будеш милою
  12. Four eyes see more than two. – Одна голова добре, а дві – ще краще
  13. A friend in need is a friend indeed. – Друг пізнається в біді
  14. Haste makes waste. – Поспішиш і людей насмішиш
  15. Like master like man. – Яблуко від яблуні недалеко падає
  16. No bees – no honey, no work – no money. – Під лежачий камінь вода не тече
  17. A word spoken is past recalling. – Слово не горобець, вилетить – не впіймаєш
  18. A sound mind in a sound body. – Здоровий дух в здоровому тілі
  19. A bird in a hand is worth two in the bush. – Краще синиця в руці ,ніж журавель в небі
  20. He that cannot obey cannot commend. – Хто не вміє коритися, не зуміє й командувати
  21. Like father – like son. – Які батьки – такі і діти…
  22. Little children – little sorrow, big children – big sorrow. – Малі діти – малі проблеми, великі діти – великі проблеми
  23. Live and learn! – Вік живи, вік учись…
  24. Never say “die”. – Не вішай носа!
  25. Business before pleasure. – Зробив діло – гуляй сміло
  26. A cat in gloves catches no mice. – Без труда не витягнеш і рибки із ставка.
  27. The truth is in the wine. – Що в п’яного на язиці, те в тверезого на умі.
  28. Early to bed and early to rise makes healthy, wealthy and wise. – Хто рано лягає і рано встає, здоров’я, багатство і ум наживе.



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